My home away from home.

My sophomore year in high school I met someone who I wouldn’t have guessed would have such an impact on my life. She was in my English class. She looked shy, scared, a little uncomfortable. I started talking to her and it made a little more sense. She was from Germany and she was an exchange student. Over the next 9 months of school, we became best friends. We shared two classes together and we were partners for everything in those classes. She played soccer with me. And we promised to never lose contact. I am now a junior in college and that promise is still kept. She is still my best friend. And after my first year of college in 2014, I flew to Germany where her and her beautiful family would greet me at the Munich airport and drive me to their incredible home in Regensburg. One year later and I find myself in the same place.

Her name is Julia. She is hilarious, intelligent, and a whole lot of fun.  

 This is the photo we took right when we saw each other again. Well, after we hugged and cried for a few minutes.

She actually now lives in Würzburg, but her family still lives in Regensburg. She came back to Regensburg to visit me on my first day back. ❤️

This is the view from my bedroom in Julia’s home in Regensburg. This year I stayed in her little sisters room, Christina. 

  My first day by myself at the home. I decided to venture off for a walk and followed a path that led me to the Guggenberger See. Little things like this are things that stand out to me the most. This is why I travel. This is why I travel solo. It’s a never-ending experience of finding yourself, it seems. 

Regensburg is known for having their “Old Town” vibes and narrow streets and areas that resemble Venice, Italy. This is my host mothers favorite spot. Because there you can see the Regensburg Cathedral with a unique view point. I’ll remember this spot.

   The photos I take of the cathedral here don’t do it justice. It is unbelievably beautiful, and it’s so big that it kind of hurts your neck when you’re standing below it trying to take in all of its glory.

  From the known Stone Bridge in Regensburg, you get a glimpse of the old city of Regensburg and can’t help but smile. This is my home away from home and I love every bit of it.

 A night that stands out. My first time in Regensburg I met plenty of Julia’s friends. This year, Julia is in Würzburg but I became very close with some of her friends. I met with Moritz, or Momo as we call him….in the city and we walked to meet with Alexandra and a few others. We sat on a blanket and drank beer and wine while we watched the sunset take over the sky and transform it into a beautiful arrangement of colors. I hung my feet off of into the Danube River and couldn’t stop having peak moments. These are the moments I live for. These people mean so much to me. They are so helpful, understanding, loving, and caring. Oh, Regensburg. You got me wrapped around your finger. 

My home away from home.

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